7 Acre Farm

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We are located in Winchendon, which is in north central Massachusetts. 
This is a small, family-run farm where we use our farm grown herbs to create handmade herbal infused skin care products.  There is not a farm store at this time. We will continue to offer our products online or at our local farmers market. 
7 Acre Farm is Owned and Operated by the Lee Family 
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Farm Grown, Solar Dried Herbs from 7 Acre Farm 

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I am a Happy Wife, a Proud Mom and joyful Grandmother.
I have a small farm in Massachusetts where I raise some animals and I grow my own herbs for natural skin care. I have been creating herbal skin care products for myself and others for more than 12 years.  I suffer from many skin allergies, and I am driven to find natural ways to keep my skin healthy. I love to help others with their skin health too. It can be a challenge, but that's just a learning experience waiting to be discovered.

Recipes From the Farm